Sunday, April 5, 2009

Does Your First Thoughts Set The Tone of Your Day?

Woke up and wanted to work out. It seems like the closer I get to April 25th the harder it is to have the desire to work out. But I did it anyway. Didn't seem like one of those great workouts but I did enought to at least make my abs sore. Ran and changed to go to church. That's is First Sunday. Dang! That means no parking. I jump in the car and realize I left my cell phone at home. Dang! OK, running late - I will just have to live without it.

I pull up and just a s I thought no parking. So I pass up the church and then I realize that the Van is leaving, I double back and roll down the window and gester "are you going to the parking lot?" He nods and I drive to the overflow parking. I park all the while thinking, man I should park in the sun it is cold. Oh well, need to hurry and get in the van. I jump in and his son is in the front seat. Good Morning, he says and I reply -Good Morning. I say 'I should know better than to be coming to church this late" The man says "You missed the praise and worship and offering". I reply "at least I will get the WORD, I can drop my tithe off to the usher on my way out after sunday school" He laughs, I laugh. We both know it aint right but I was keeping it real!

Pastor delivered another great message. The scripture was Matthew 25 31:45. The subject was about how we as Christians need to spread the good news about Jesus. I understood the message but I must admit it was hard to concentrate because the sanctuary was so cold. The aircondition was piped up so high. Then it was time to go to sunday school. So I went to the New Transition 2 class, but only to find out that today we were having a mass class in the sanctuary. So I go back there. I open the door to look in. Yes, I was thinking "Do I really feel like going?" OK, but now I am busted becasue Rev Nelson was in the aisle and looked directly at me when I opened the door. He stared at me with a blank look waiting for my response. No he did not give me that "you better get in here" look, it was just a blank look. So I proceed in and sit. But my ears are starting to ring I am so cold. Gotta shake it off. My head is starting to hurt. Gotta shake it off. Next to me is the cutest baby so I start to play with her. Now I am getting into I ask can I hold her. She is so light, so little. She is laughing and making cute baby noises. I forget that I'm in bible study!! The baby is getting louder and louder....then the lady reaches for her and wispers in to the babies ear "sshhhhh". "Oops", I am thinking to myself and "I should know better"

OK, now it over. Time to go home. then Dec says any visitors? The couple behind me stand up. I turn around and they look me straight in the face. I have that look like "sorry". I go to them and shake their hand and welcome them to my church. I am outta here. Let me find a ride to the parking lot.

I ask someone - they are staying for the next service -Dang! OK, let me go catch the van. But, then someone interrupts me and say "I need to talk to you". Sure.
Me: What's up?
Them: You were telling me about a job, but I didn't hear what you said.
M: Oh, go to website ....blah, blah, blah....and put in your resume -it pays good money
T: Are you applying?
M: Yep, but that doesn't matter. If you get it then that's good. Don't worry about that.
T: OK, what that in your hand.
M: Oh, some stuff that another person gave me about more work here in the city.
T: Can I get a copy.
M: Sure
They leave and make a copy. Now, I really am outta here. Let me go catch the van.
Dang! The van left. OK a little sun spot. I will stand in it while I wait. Or should I walk? No, I'll wait. I'm lazy.
Hey Sis, how are you doing? Then they begin to talk. Now we are discussing a project I have coming up in August and I would like them and WEMIME to do a praise dance but not like what most think. So, I shared my idea. Then I say...I gotta go. So, I walk to the car. Finally, I am on my way home. I get in the door and Macintosh knocks me over, I love that. I change close and now...fianlly.... time for a nap I turn on the tube so it can wach me. Then I start thinking I'll put on a good can sleep good when a movie in on in the background.

I sign into Netflix to put a movie on my Roku. Well while I am online I should check email and update facebook.....and the rest is history

So do people really want to know this stuff? Will it really help someone?? Or do people blog because they are internet voyers?? You tell me:

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  1. We are all voyuers. We always want to know what others are doing. The other part of it those of us who blog do want to have a space to vent, talk to ourselves and or find others who think the way do without judgement from those in our lives who disagree.